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Exclusive Interview

Welcome Nelson, the Night Flow Breeze Host on Flow FM!

May 31, 2024

As the sun sets and the city winds down, listeners can expect a night of uninterrupted bliss with Nelson, the host of Flow FM’s Night Flow Breeze program. With his rich, velvety voice and impeccable taste in music, Nelson is the perfect companion to help you unwind and ease you into a relaxing evening. Tune in for candid conversations on The Love Line, where Nelson  invites listeners to join in on thoughtful discussions about relationships, dating and matters of the heart.

Describe your show on Flow FM and the type of content you’ll be bringing to listeners.
My show on Flow FM, called ‘Night Flow Breeze’, will provide a relaxing and engaging listening experience for the audience as they wind down their day. I’ll be there to facilitate thoughtful conversations and offer an enriching blend of great music – everything from afro-pop, soul, R&B and jazz to hits from the 60s, 70s, 90s and 2000s. The goal is to create an intelligent, conversational atmosphere that will keep listeners’ minds active but also help them unwind before bedtime.

What kind of music?
I’ll be playing a diverse mix of music genres to appeal to a wide range of listeners. This includes contemporary afro-pop, soul, R&B and jazz, as well as classic hits from the past several decades. My aim is to provide a nostalgic yet refreshing musical experience that blends the old and the new

So you’re trying to put people in a nostalgic mood before they go to bed?
Absolutely. After consulting with the station manager, we agreed that to stand out in this timeslot, I need to cater to both the older and younger generations of listeners. The older audience will appreciate classics by artists like Bryan Adams and Stevie Wonder, while the younger crowd will enjoy more contemporary acts like Taylor Swift and Beyoncé. By seamlessly blending these different eras of music, I can create a listening experience that is familiar yet novel for the audience as they prepare for bed.

What do you find most rewarding about connecting with an audience as an on-air personality?
The most rewarding aspect is being able to genuinely connect with and support my listeners. I want to be the host that people call in to when they need advice or just want to share their thoughts. If someone tells me that a segment of my show helped them work through a relationship issue or strengthened their home life, that would be the ultimate reward. Even simply receiving feedback that someone enjoyed my music playlist would be very gratifying.

At the end of the day, my goal is to provide an enriching, comforting experience that leaves a positive impact on my audience.


How has the team at Flow FM been preparing for the test transmissions?

The team and I have been working hard to get ready for the upcoming test transmissions. We’ve been reviewing the program schedule and script to ensure I’m fully prepared for the cadence and content of each hour. Additionally, I’ve been collaborating closely with my colleagues to make certain the transitions between program segments are seamless and cohesive. We want to deliver a polished, professional listening experience. One new initiative we’re trying is offering a reward for the 9th caller to the station, which we’re excited to see how the audience responds to.

What aspects of Flow FM’s programming vision are you most excited about?
I’m most excited that as an entertainment radio station, we are primarily focused on delivering great music to our listeners. On my show, for example, I plan to share insights about the songs we play – when they were produced, what fascinates me about certain musical elements, and the achievements or impact those songs had during their peak popularity. I believe providing that additional context will give our audience a more enriching and educational listening experience.


Unlike stations that are dominated by talk segments, Flow FM will allow listeners to really immerse themselves in diverse musical genres, both popular and obscure. I’m looking forward to exposing our audience to songs and artists they may not have discovered on their own. At the end of the day, our goal is to create an enjoyable, curated radio experience where the music takes center stage.

I think you really hit on something important there about the unique appeal of radio. The ability for listeners to discover new music and just immerse themselves in a carefully curated playlist provided by the host seems to be a big part of radio’s enduring popularity.
What I really appreciate about radio is the ability to discover new music and be exposed to a curated playlist from the radio host. I was just listening to Radio Garden* the other day, tuning into a station from Lagos State. It was hours of uninterrupted music, with the host periodically coming on to identify the songs that had been playing.

What I took away from that experience is that radio provides a pure, uninterrupted listening experience where you can simply enjoy the music without a lot of extraneous talk or interruptions. It’s that immersive, unfiltered connection with the music that I think people genuinely love about radio.

At the end of the day, radio is all about the music – it’s the lifeblood of the medium. And as a radio host, my goal is to curate that musical experience in a way that is engaging, enlightening and truly fulfilling for the listener. That’s what I hope to deliver with the Night Flow Breeze show on Flow FM.

Do you have a favourite memory or proudest moment from your radio career so far?
I have many fond memories, but one that stands out is when I was working the morning show. That experience really helped me sharpen my ability to command a broadcast and connect with a wide range of listeners. I learned that different people tune in with varying mindsets, and being able to adapt my approach accordingly is crucial. My proudest moment, though, was when a listener came into the studio just to meet me in person. The fact that my on-air presence had made such an impression that they felt compelled to seek me out was incredibly humbling and rewarding. Moments like that remind me of the power radio has to forge meaningful connections with an audience.


What impression do you hope listeners will have after tuning into your show when Flow FM officially launches?

I hope listeners will perceive me as a bold, charismatic, and well-spoken gentleman  who brings a great sense of humor and fun to the show. But beyond that, I want them to feel like I’m a relatable, down-to-earth personality they can genuinely connect with.

When people tune in, I want them to be drawn in by the diverse musical selections and the insights I share about the songs. But I also hope they’ll feel that I’m someone they can engage with, whether it’s through interactive segments or simply feeling comfortable sharing their own thoughts and experiences with me. Ultimately, I want my show to be a welcoming, uplifting part of their daily routine. When people tune in, I want them to be drawn in by the diverse musical selections and the insights I share about the songs.But I also hope they’ll feel that I’m someone they can engage with, whether it’s through interactive segments or simply feeling comfortable sharing their own thoughts and experiences with me. Ultimately, I want my show to be a welcoming, uplifting part of their daily routine.


You mentioned getting the majority of your  media consumption from radio growing up, I imagine that has influenced the way you communicate in a distinct way, compared to someone who may have primarily consumed media through television or other platforms.

Growing up, I had very limited access to television, as my parents did not allow us to watch it. Instead, I turned to radio as my primary source of entertainment and information. Listening to radio personalities greatly shaped how I communicate and connect with an audience.Unlike someone who may have been more exposed to television, I developed a more intimate, almost mental connection the radio hosts I listened to. I felt like they were speaking directly to my mind and imagination.There was a captivating, almost supernatural quality to how they could command attention and draw you into their world through the power of their voice and language alone.

That extensive radio experience has definitely influenced my own broadcasting style. I place a < strong emphasis on using my voice and choice of words to forge a deep, personal connection with listeners.

 While television relies more on visuals, I believe radio has the unique ability to truly penetrate the mind and heart of the audience. That’s the kind of connection I strive for on my show.

You’re absolutely right,  the mental and cerebral connection between radio hosts and their listeners is such a core part of what makes radio so compelling.
Exactly. As a radio host, I have the opportunity to engage listeners in a uniquely mental and cerebral way. Without the distraction of visuals, they can fully immerse themselves in the content I present and the way I present it. My voice, my cadence, my word choice – these become the tools I use to paint a picture in the minds of my audience, to stir their emotions, and to forge a genuine bond. It’s a much more intimate, unfiltered form of communication compared to other media. And I relish the challenge of harnessing that power to create a truly memorable listening experience for my audience.


Get ready to join Nelson for the Flow FM’s Night Flow Breeze show, launching soon! Follow us on social media to stay in the loop on all the latest station updates.


*Radio Garden is an app that allows users to listen to radio stations from around the world.

Written by Simi

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